Transform Change with The LIGHT Process


Career shift? Relationship changes? Illness or loss of a loved one?
Whatever your experience, now you can move fearlessly through change with a breakthrough process from award-winning author Cheryl Eckl

Featured in “The Author Speaks
by the Psychology Today Book Brigade

Finalist in “Best New Non-fiction”
by International Book Awards

Judge Commentary–22nd Annual Writers’ Digest Self-published Book Awards
“I have great respect for this author–not only for her writing style, which is superb, but for her wisdom and ability to convey the essence of what life’s bumps, confusions and grief are about, and why it is so important to make human existence into a transforming journey.

“I find Eckl’s questions and philosophy grounding; her case examples are pertinent and inspiring. She capably helps the reader understand how relevant life-shaking change is, how the light process can enable the sufferer to endure and possibly become stronger, no matter how difficult or confusing that may seem at the moment. The story of the author’s father, Dennis, was a particularly good example of how integrity can survive a mortal’s lifetime to enrich/encourage others.

“I liked Eckl’s poems; when I read how she has worked in musical theater, it became clearer to me why this entire self-help book, while philosophical, has the feeling of having been written by an artist. It is exceedingly eloquent. I very much appreciated finding end notes as they are the sign of a person who values study and reference. The Light Process is calming and nurturing. I know I will be looking for more of this writer’s work.”

From the Back Cover

Things are different these days. Suddenly, what worked in the past is obsolete. We’re not sure what’s next. And most of us try to escape this painful feeling too quickly. Running faster isn’t the solution. We need a way to navigate change’s rough terrain without falling off a cliff. To mine its creative opportunities. To thrive in its midst.

The LIGHT Process leads the way through change.
Five powerful questions provide the road map. Stories, poems, reflections, and affirmations support the journey. Whether change has found you or you are pursuing it, now you can deal with turbulent events one step at a time.

Even welcome change can be disruptive. But with this innovative method, you can move confidently through any of life’s transitions—great or small.

The LIGHT Process untangles change’s confusion.
Deeply insightful and profoundly practical, The LIGHT Process can be adapted to any type of change—personal or professional. And for crises that demand immediate attention, a Start Here Guide is included.

The LIGHT Process engages your inner guidance as you find
meaning, peace of mind, and a way to help others.
You are living on the razor’s edge of change.

The LIGHT Process: Living on the Razor’s Edge of Change
Flying Crane Press, 5.5″x8.5″ paperback book, 228 pages ISBN: 978-0-9828107-4-3
Available in paperback or e-book